Friday, March 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton

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Oh my, what is there to say about Hillary Clinton? A lot actually. I mean, there is probably a low chance she will win any higher office than president of her prison cell block, but you never know. The machinations of the political elite are pretty desperate to install a corrupt president.

Without too much elaboration, I can say that I have dealt extensively with the "stuff" that has her in trouble with the FBI, and I am pretty sure I speak for all of us who have done so, past and present, that what she did would land any normal person in jail for a very long time. But hey, she is a member of the political elite. The law does not apply to her, right?

That is the attitude of the Hillary supporter. I happen to know one. This person, a self-proclaimed Republican no less, admits that they do not watch the news and don't pay any attention to politics. They claimed that their reasoning for supporting Hillary is that things were pretty good for them specifically when Bill Clinton was president and that (they believe) Hillary was behind most of it.

Specific situations notwithstanding, I calmly explained that policies passed under an administration take years to take effect. I explained that what they enjoyed during much of the Clinton years was a result of Reagan and Bush 1's policies. What sucked during most of W's term and into his second were the results of Clinton's policies. What sucked about the first half of Obama's term was from W's policies, and what we are starting to feel now and will for years to come are a result of Obama's policies.

The concept did not stick with this particular person.

If I were not ideologically opposed to such a thing, I would require all prospective voters to beat a simple beginner level computer at chess to be able to vote for president. Understanding the concept of early actions affecting the course of events 20 moves later is important when assessing a president. The fact that "life was pretty good" when a particular president was in office means pretty much nothing. Especially when one does not have any clue about the challenges facing America today, not those we faced in the 1990s. 

I suspect there are a lot of people who think about presidents this way. That they make things happen immediately. And based on this they vote for or against an incumbent or incumbent party based on this misconception.

I'll give an example. Obamacare, although it was passed many years ago, does not take full effect until this year. This is the last year of Obama's presidency, yet it was passed in 2010. That is just one thing. See how slowly the wheels of government turn?

Part of me wishes there was a way to fairly test the electorate on basic concepts of government in order to qualify them as voters, but I don't know of a fair way. So the real blame lies with the media. They have fostered this idea that a sitting president has far more powers than he actually does. That he can make all of these things happen with the snap of his fingers. It simply isn't true.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for the first 5 years of W's time in office. Starting 5-10 years after her presidency. Is that what we really want? I think not.

Learn to play chess before you vote.

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