Comments on Nuking Politics are highly encouraged. In fact, I absolutely love comments from positive to negative. I want to engage my readership and debate about the topics I post on. I am not infallible, and I can be wrong like any other human. I am not an expert on politics, and I'll never pretend to be.

So do not hesitate to comment on a post I make, even if you mostly agree with it but have a negative comment about something I said. I am more interested in being accurate than personal pride. And if you have something negative to say because you have differing views, please comment! Debate is the lifeblood of our American experiment.

Above all, please respect my no cussin' policy. This includes innuendos. When commenting on this site, pretend you are talking to your own dear mother. You wouldn't say nasty things to your own mother, would you?

Finally, remember, most of what I write is satire. Try to keep that in mind before commenting. I love satire, and sometimes I say directly the opposite of what I mean. I try to always make that apparent in the end of a post, so read through the whole thing and consider what I am really trying to say before you post.


  1. Haven't seen you comment at CTH for awhile.
    Wondered why.


  2. Hey Keln, it's "Duke of Cumberland" at CTH. We should do lunch if you're ever in downtown DC!