Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Sunday, 24 June, 2012

The Sandusky legal team is whining about the case being decided too quickly. Perhaps that had something to do with so much evidence against their rather creepy client.

An American, Ashton Eaton, set a new world record in the Decathlon at the U.S. Olympic trials in Oregon. Aren't you supposed to do that sort of thing at the actual Olympics?

"'Wilfred' star opens up about the perils of wearing a dog suit". I'm guessing one of those perils is that, for some odd reason, the secret service keeps following him around.

Ever heard of the "Ugliest Dog" competition? Well this year's winner is Mugly, and he is awful ugly. The rescue dog is a real inspiration to ugly dogs all over the world. The President himself said "I'd eat that".

"Do dogs really like to surf?" Well, that depends on whether or not Obama is chasing them over water.

Seriously, this stuff writes itself...

So the bullied bus monitor charity has reached $600,000. I'm not entirely sure why people are throwing money at her like that, and I suspect she doesn't know either. But it does kind of kill the whole leftist theory about needing welfare programs because people are too greedy and heartless.

I mean, the United States is like the charity capital of the world, but leftists still think we need government to take care of poor people. I think using that as an argument, in light of this bus lady, is kind of retarded. And leftists are fat and stupid. #bullyingtheleft

I guess Obama doesn't trust or like Latinos much. He came to talk to them at a dinner and had all of their pointy dining utensils confiscated. Par for the course really, considering his apparent apathy about Fast and Furious.

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