Saturday, August 25, 2012

Keln's Even Deeper Thoughts: Part Three

• Walkingdead knew I was busy this weekend, and here he is, not posting content. So if NP is boring today, it's really his fault.

• I had salmon at Red Lobster last night, and it had some cajun stuff on it and some shrimp, which was good. But I couldn't help but think how much better it would have been completely wrapped in bacon.

• I know hurricanes are dangerous, but I've always wanted to be in one. I mean, if Geraldo can do it, I am sure I could hack it.

• I had to do an assignment today, and I was looking for the state of Oiho on the map. But I couldn't find it.

• I also couldn't find anything about the Warren Tribe, which is supposedly a tribe of Native Americans from Oiho.

• I watched a really interesting movie last night before I went to bed called "The World Without US". It's about what the world would be like if the United States pulled its troops from all over the world and went totally isolationist.

• It really made me realize how ridiculous the French are and how they not only can't defend themselves, but they can't help anyone else either.

• And yet they still hate us.

• They did talk about the Middle East, but they really didn't answer the one question about the people of that region: why they won't eat bacon.

• I saw a poll today that said Romney was pretty much pwning the South. I dunno if that means anything though. Most of the idiots are in the Northeast, and that is what we really need to worry about.

• I've said it before, and I'll say it again, there ought to be a test to be able to vote. Forget I.D. Just pass a simple test and you can vote.

• But then the Democrats would never win, so it is probably not fair.

• I'm not saying that all people who vote Democrat are too stupid to pass a simple test, just that people who don't speak English, or people that can't speak, because they are dead, probably won't pass a simple voter test.

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