Monday, August 20, 2012

Keln's Even Deeper Thoughts

• Apparently Walkingdead has deep thoughts. I did not know this.

• Mine are deeper.

• For instance...why is it called a "pot pie", when you don't cook it in a pot. I get the pie part, but not the pot part. Did they originally have marijuana in them or something?

• Kind of like how Coca-Cola used to have cocaine in it, but doesn't anymore. We still call it "Coke".

• It has been a whole day and I don't think Biden has gaffed yet. I'm starting to think that the real Joe is locked in his secret bunker, and they have a robotic clone going around saying everything it is told to say.

• Which means it is only a matter of time until it glitches and says something stupid anyway. It is a clone, after all.

• I really wonder about people in these Islamic Republic type countries. They get so upset over the dumbest things.

For instance, some girl in Pakistan who they thought was retarded (but might not be) was found holding a plastic bag with some burnt pieces of paper in it, which may have been from the Koran (but reportedly wasn't). Then they organized a mob and threatened to kill everyone in her neighborhood, or something.

Makes you wonder what they would do if they found their freedoms withheld by a totalitarian or religiously oppressive regime that controlled every aspect of their lives.

Oh wait...they don't do anything then.

Seems backwards.

• Repressed for generations by an intolerant theocracy? Cool! See a retard holding a bag of burnt paper? Riot!!!!!

• Sorry. Dozed off there for a minute.

• I think I am going to go eat some pot pie.


  1. I know what you're saying about the middle easterners... don't they realize they have hummus? how can you have hummus and be so angry all the time?

  2. I know people who call a baggie filled with baby laxative and strychnine "Coke" too.

    ...for pretty much the same reason.