Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Sunday, August 26, 2012

• So, Camden, NJ, which is one of the worst crime-ridden places in the country is getting rid of its Police Department. They can't afford it, and want to replace it with a non-union police department.

Of course, the police union is all mad about it. A few things...

- If the union didn't make it so expensive to run, then this wouldn't be happening.

- Considering the crime rate in Camden with the current FOP police in place, it is questionable whether they are even doing their jobs right in the first place. You's hard to get fired from a union job.

- This is a perfect example of why public unions being foisted on us all is bad. In the real world, if a service provider can't keep costs down and can't get the job done adequately, they are replaced with someone that can. This is called competition, and it promoted better quality at a lower cost.

- Public unionized services have no competition.This promotes bloated costs and inept service.

• It looks like the RNC is being canceled for its first day due to the incoming hurricane Isaac.

Biden is still showing up though, right?

• Considering the latest projections, that the storm might go straight for New Orleans, one could deduce that Obama will be in Louisiana about this time next month.


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  1. unfortunately Uncle Joe has cancelled his Tampa excursion. i was rather looking forward to it. :(