Monday, August 27, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Monday, August 27, 2012

• So Romney's 2010 tax return, which he had released a while ago, shows evidence that he did pay his taxes as far back as 2000 (according to the New York Times).

Your move Reid. Your move.

• It looks like Hurricane Isaac is going to be worse than anyone had thought. It's heading straight for the Gulf Coast, including New Orleans and may reach Category 3 status. It's already being compared to Katrina, if a bit smaller.

So as the Gulf is preparing themselves for the onslought of this storm, the rest of us should be preparing ourselves for the onslought of Obama's face on TV.

Never let a crises go to waste, after all...

• Apparently "Gunny" R. Lee Ermy, of Full Metal Jacket fame, was fired from being a spokesperson for Geico. Apparently, one cannot do Geico commercials and publically share your political opinion. At least, not if it's a conservative opinion.

Stay classy, Geico.


  1. Comparisons to Katrina are just the news fear mongering, there is very little chance that Isaac is going to be more than a strong category 1 when it makes land fall and there are actually models that show it losing instead of gaining cohesion.

    1. You are correct sir. I was in a hurry this morning when I typed this up and just went off of some sensationalized headlines. But meteorology being one of my interests, I did plenty of reading up on Isaac during the day when I had free time.

      It's still a concern for certain areas of the Gulf coast, but it is nothing like Katrina. And thank God for that. The last thing we need right now is anything close to a Katrina...