Friday, August 31, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: August 31 20-12

  • By the time you read this, I will have had my pants off for about 4 hours.
         Visualize that America
  • When people say “no pun intended”, 90% of the time they mean pun intend.
          They're just being stupid.
  • Michael Keaton is going to play the bad guy in the new Robocop movie. I can finally rest easy.
  • I really wish someone would open a store where you could buy literally anything.
         “Hey I'm going to the store; do you want me to pick something up for you”?

         “Yeah, can you get me a woman who understands me, and a coupla 2x4's? I need to fix the deck in the back yard”.
  • I fear for a world where Al Sharpton and Ed Shultz can be cloned and genetically modified in to one gigantic ball of stupid.
  • I love how right now the main topic on MSNBC is Paul Ryan being a liar.
  • Remember, a fact checking website is only as good as the facts he/she decides to include in the report.
         I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm just not sold on anyone in the news anymore.

         Unless you count Nukingpolitics “hard news” wing. That’s top drawer.
  • Let me ask you something. What would you like to see at Nuking Politics? I like to change things up when I get tried of doing the same thing, but if I do something you like... I'll keep doing it.
  • I will make you this deal. Fox news can come out as a political wing of the republican party, of MSNBC will come out as liberal apologists, and just down right terrible people.
          Except for Rachel Maddow. I really want to take her to dinner and a movie.
  • The Mitt Romney promo video they showed last night had Mitt Romney quoted as saying. “I cant explain love”. I'm sure there are robot video's made by the DNC in the edit bay right now.
  • Q:  How many Apple customer service reps does it take to e-mail me a receipt?
           A:  I don't know but so far where up to 5.

           that's right, between the phone and e-mail I've dealt with 5 different people.  Still no receipt.
  • Good Night  

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