Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's not Joe Scarborough's Fault

For the record, I'm going to call him Joey S for the remainder of this article because his name is really hard to spell. I just thought you deserved to know that.

I don't get angry at Joey S for the words he says on most mornings, not because I believe he's right. Far from it. I believe he's one of the most wrong people in cable news. However, he is more right than anyone at msnbc, outside of S.E. Cup. Then again I forgive just about anything bad she says because I'm a piggish male who only thinks of two things. I'm not going to tell you what they both are, but at least one of them is sex. I think about it a lot. Never do it though, its not that I don't want to. It has more to do with the fact that women find me repulsive and as a result I drink a lot.

It makes the sadness go away.

Back to my main point though, I don't get angry at him because of the “think tank” he belongs to. When you spend your life in a vacuum you have 2 options, become one of them, or fight back. Keith Olbermann fought back and we saw where that got him. A raise and a new network. Joey S doesn't want that. Olbermann was just a jerk because of his nature, Joey is wrong because of his nurture. The guy needs to get out of there before it's too late.

I can picture him, and Mika in 10 years wearing matching suits. Pontificating on Joe Biden's presidency. He won't be president mind you, they will just devote 3 segments a week on how “awesome it would be”.

In the second hour they will have a segment called “what have I become” where Joey just cries and drinks an entire box of wine. Mika comforts him, then on friday they do a segment called “It's all for the paycheck” where they both go to the bank, cash their checks, and then reflect on the life they could have had; a bit more happy, and a bit less financially comfortable.

p.s. I wouldn't mind that life. If anyone is looking for a moderate republican, for $100,000+ a year I can become one. I don't mind.

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  1. Out of curiosity, I'm going over to the MSNBC site and look for Joey S's column or whatever he's doing nowadays. I haven't seen or heard his name in such a long, long time, I'd completely forgotten him. (Maybe that was best?)

    I expect the "hit" I register will increase their traffic count significantly.