Friday, September 21, 2012

We can Learn a Little From the French: and Other Things I Thought I Would Never Say

You know I give the french a lot of crap for surrendering all the time, and not bathing, and being rude, and having a 75% tax rate, and just generally being terrible people; but now I have to give them props.

Here is a complete list of things the French have done in the history of everything that I like.
  • Helping out in our revolutionary war
  • french bread
  • french fries
  • french kissing (or so I've heard)
  • french toast
  • and this cartoon here. Now I don't want to link to the actual cartoon, so I'm just linking to a post about it.

I actually do wan't to post the cartoon, but its against Kelns rules, and I don't want to put anyone here at Nuking Politics in danger. I would have no problem doing it myself but it's not fair to the other people who post here.

That's the sad state of affairs we have right now. A political cartoon can achieve the amount of violence and chaos that the left thinks the right engages in on a regular basis.

Let me ask you something; Why is it that when violence rings out in the states it's attributed to gangs and shrugged about, or it's attributed to right wing radicalism? I've given countless examples of events that were blamed on conservatives only to be shoved under the rug after it was found out not to be the case.

Yet when this happens, every one is so gung ho to blame someone (Romney/the video/etc) or to not report on it at all.

Islamic terrorism is a terrible horrible thing. Not all Muslims are terrorist, but all Islamic terrorist are Muslims. That's just the way it goes. Call it what it is.

Also, call them out for what they are. When Gorge Tiller was killed Rachel Maddow had no problem dedicating multiple segments over many weeks to the issue. She also ended up doing a mini documentary about it. That as far as I'm aware is the only case of a conservative radical doing anything since Timothy McVeigh.

In other words, it's been a while.

Just think about that.

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