Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Enough is Enough

This picture is all you need to know about Islamic militants...

Yeah, I know, I have been ranty of late. I can't help it. My countrymen re-elected an absolute failure of a president, the economy has gotten worse almost overnight as businesses now know that Obamacare isn't going away, and Hamas starts another spat with Israel and the leftys take Hamas' side.

It's just completely insane. It's like we live in bizarro world now or something. Up is down, in is out, left is right, Hamas are the good guys. What the deuce is wrong with people on the left? How can they possibly call Israel the bad guys? Do they have no idea who or what Hamas is? Or Hezbollah? Heck, even the Palestinian Authority is kind of slinking away from this one, and they aren't exactly friends of Israel.

Leftys all over the world think that we on the right ally ourselves with Israel because we "support the Zionists" or something. Newsflash! Most of us aren't even familiar with the term "Zionist", except nutty people use it a lot as a derogatory term for Israelis.

Here's the skinny, you dummies on the left: we on the right don't support Israel because of Zion-something or other. We support them because they are the only ones in the region who aren't bat-turd crazy. Look at the picture at the top. That is Hamas. They are terrorists. They are a culture of hate and death. All they aspire to do in life is kill a Jew. That's it! That is their entire set of goals.

You know, most people aspire to raise a family, and make something of their life. Maybe retire to a nice quiet community near a beach. That sort of thing. People in the Gaza strip who are aligned with Hamas...they aspire to die before they are 30 and kill a Jew. They fire rockets at Israeli civilians...let me be clear, they don't specifically target military installations...and when Israel, predictably (duh!) fires back, they claim that Israel are the aggressors.

And the left looks at this and they choose Hamas as the side they support. Why? Because Hamas are the underdogs. Hey, newsflash morons...Hamas are bad shots and also idiots for starting fights they can't win. They are underdogs of their own making. I mean, holy crap, if Israel were really these big bad guys the left makes them out to be, they would have wiped out the "Palestinians" a long time ago. They haven't because they actually do want peace and don't want to kill people more than they must to protect themselves.

All of that aside...Hamas is evil. Plain and simple. It has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with a culture of death and destruction. Hamas will never accept any kind of lasting peace until every last Jew on Earth is dead, not just those in Israel. And when all of the Jews are dead, they will target Christians, Buddhists, Mormons, Catholics, Flying Spaghetti Monster Atheists. In short...everyone that does not agree with their brand of Islam.

This is a culture that considers women to be sub-human. This is a culture that teaches children how to be human bombs. This is a culture that considers genocide and killing as many people as possible to be a positive. There is no redeeming qualities here, underdog or no. Thank whatever deity or philosophy you wish that the likes of Hamas or Hezbollah or Al Qaeda are the underdog. 
Because if they weren' would simply be dead...or soon to be.

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  1. Thanks, Keln, that puts it all into perspective nicely.

    I'm actually on record for not being in favor of "peace in the Middle East", due to the genocidal bloodbath that would be required (by either party) to achieve it. But Hamas? Those guys need to perish, quickly and completely.