Monday, November 19, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Monday, November 19, 2012

• Owing to my chronic inability to look at calendars, as I've alluded to many times before, I was unaware that this was Thanksgiving week until my wife pointed it out lastnight.

  It's nice finding out you only have to work three days out of the week on a Sunday night. And it's great that the pilgrims decided to do this thing on Thursdays, so that there would be no choice but to give people Fridays off too. That's what I call thinking ahead there pilgrims.

• So, was it actually the pilgrims then that invented the four day weekend? Or was this some intelligent maneuvering on the part of the native Americans?

  Like, if you think about it, the pilgrims would most likely have wanted to do Thanksgiving on a Sunday...because they like to make Sundays into holidays. But the native Americans were all like "if we let these bozos do this thing on Sunday, then that means people in the future will only get Friday or Monday off." And so they convinced the pilgrims that they should do this thing on a Thursday, and the four day weekend was born.

• It's amazing how quickly Chris Christie has fallen out of favor with the right. Now everything he does is being spun to make him look bad, like when he went on SNL.

  I don't understand what the problem is. Is he supposed to be operating a bulldozer or fixing power lines in a bucket truck? I think people are really confused as to what a governor is supposed to do. There is literally nothing he can physically do to get people's power back on.

  Christie did what a governor is supposed to do when your state gets whacked by a huge storm...kiss the president's butt and beg for disaster relief. And of course, he was cursed by the right for doing so.

• I think people need to put two things into perspective here: People are out of power and in a mess because they got hit by an incredible storm, and, Romney lost the election because Romney lost the election. So stop trying to blame both on a fat guy from New Jersey.

• Israel has taken over Hamas TV. Who knew a terrorist organization has their own TV network?

  So, if I was Israel, I show nothing but the "All Your Base" song and Rickroll videos.

  That might force peace.

• Carry on...

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