Friday, November 16, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: November 16, 20-12

  • I have a busy weekend ahead of me.

          Tonight I need to drink without pants, tomorrow I need to drink with pants at a house warming party.

  • So I got censored by Keln the other day.  I didn't do it on purpose, I thought it was funny and within the rules.

          I at least stopped myself from using the alternate version of what @*^ stands for.

          P.S. if you don't know don't look it up,  if you do know, you know how much restraint I used.

          I wonder if this is gonna get censored?
          What do you know, It did.

  • So as I reported on it earlier, Hostess is now liquidating.  We should all chip in and buy a few of the brands.

          I think we owe it to ourselves to have a little piece of heaven over the next 4 years.

          I just want to do it union free.

  • you really should have seen the hand dryer I used at the bar yesterday.

         It was like I dried my hands in the future.

         I stuck them in this device and hot air blew out of it.

        it was the most amazing thing ever.

        I'm also pretty sure the girl sitting next to me was named mustard.

        Her and her boyfriend were having arguments with themselves.

        Not each other, themselves.

        I hate hipsters

        I'm pretty sure even she had ironic facial hair

        I started growing a beard about 10 years ago because I liked the way they looked.  Not because they were in style.

        Now if I wear a flannel shirt people think I'm interested in knitting, and exotic tea.

         Well I do like tea, I also use windows machines out of convenience, not because all my other friends use macs.

         You know I'm probably the most accidental hipster ever

         This enrages me to no end.

  • This thing with General P (don't ask me to spell his name) is really getting out of hand.
          I'm really starting to wonder how long before 2 men in black suits are seen flashing some device in the eyes of people around Washington DC.

          This conspiracy is almost too unbelievable for a John Gresham novel.

           I hope they get Denzel Washington to play General P.

           You know he would do a great job with it.

            also they should get Alison Brie to play either one of the girls.

  • So this one is pretty long because I have been slacking off.  It makes sense that I would do it on Friday, our least read day.
          What can I say, I just know how to not do things the right way.

          Ask Keln, some how I broke the website the other day.

          I have no idea what I did, but it did something.

  • So if anyone has any friends at the RNC let them know I need to have a few words with them.  I was right about everything this year.
          They need to listen to me.  I'll work cheap (I know they'll like that) and I just want a consulting job.

           As a capitalist  if the DNC wants to try and drive the RNC's price up I'm willing to let a bidding war happen also.

          The things the democrats did won't work next time, but the republicans need to change their message.

           Well not so much the message, but the words they use in it.

          They need to remind people that women and blacks have the right to vote, and live, and be equal because of us, not the democrats.

           They also need to debunk this southern strategy nonsense.  Are there racists in the republicans?  yes, but the democrats have many as well, and the history of it too boot.

           I will go into this more next week.

           I'm also told that I will get some new correspondence from Stav Blackmaine.

  • Good Night 


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