Thursday, November 15, 2012

What Is Too Come

So we are now a week and some change into the second Obama term.  I had some idea's about where the nation will go in the next four years and I wanted to share them with you, in the form that Lactose does on a regular basis.  you know, a list.

  • On January 24th 20-13, 4 days after inauguration dad a virus begins sweeping the nation.  44% of the population is infected, and 1% of those die within hours.  This surfaces just days after John Boehner declares that meaningful reform in Obamacare needs to happen.
actually, I'm pretty proud of that.  look for this to be the beginning of book two in my "And Barry Wept" trilogy of books.  I actually don't want to write anymore prognostications.  This one is perfect.  Oh man I hope this happens... that would make me look like a genius.  really really S-M-R-T!

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