Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I've Been Waiting for This

Way back in August when we still had hope in our eye balls that maybe Obama would only be around for a few more months I wrote THIS article.  It won several awards from my mother.

Well today I am here to tell you that my partners at The Harmelody network Turned it into a sketch and I want all of you to put it into your brain face for entertainment purposes only.

I'm putting the video below the fold because it's a bit nsfw, not much... but a bit, but I don't take any chances with Keln these days.  I don't post that often and know I'm on thin ice with him.


I hope to be able to get a directors cut done of this one day... we had to take out a whole part about terrorist me talking about my previous employment and how I was head waiter at a max and Erma's on the Gaza strip and how much I hated waiting on Jews, it was really funny.

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