Friday, December 21, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Friday, December 21, 2012

• So, the world ends today according to some ancient Mexicans or something.

  I guess making this TC today is kind of pointless then, since the world is ending and all.

• The scary thing is that there are people who believe this stuff. I mean, if the Mayans were so great, then why did they not foresee their own downfall?

  Seriously, going form a great ancient civilization to modern day Mexico is a downfall.

• The Red Chinese are calling for Americans to be disarmed following the Sandy Hook shooting.

  This makes sense, as the one thing that prevents China from planning a U.S. invasion is the massive amounts of rednecks with guns. They could never stop such a force.

  See Red Dawn for an example.

• Putin pushed through a new law that restricts Americans from adopting Russian orphans. This was in retaliation for a horrible new law that America passed...

  Banning Russian human rights abusers from visiting the United States.

  Because abusing human rights is a virtue in mother Russia. Or something.

• A Congressman from California called for a boycott of Mexico until the former Marine John Hammar is released from prison.

  Does this boycott also cover the sending of weapons to Mexican drug cartels? Has anyone asked the Obama administration if they are ok with that?

  I mean, sending guns to Mexican drug cartels is kind of their thing, so they may not want a complete boycott of Mexico.

• Carry on.

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