Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lazy Post Of The Week

I got into a bit of a tif on facebook about guns.  I'm going to repost one of my posts, because I need to post something here... so Keln remembers who I am and what not.

dude, we have the second amendment. your argument about "not needing one" is invalid. 

you don't need the car you drive. there are plenty of basic cheap models out there. you 

probably don't need the house or apartment you have.

you probably also don't need to drink the nice beer you sometimes drink. bud or miller 

would do fine.

do you need that apple laptop, or iphone? cuz you can get a free phone for basic 

communication and an e-machine for checking your e mail.

do all these thing apply to you? no they don't. However it is nice that they are available to 

you in case you want them. Guns are not the problem. we are gun violence is the 14th 

greatest killer in this country. there are 13 things that kill more than guns. we aren't even 

the worst in the world when it comes to gun violence.

and there are plenty of countries without guys that are way more violent then us.

you may not like guns, and that's fine. no one is forcing you to own one... you know like 

those peaceful Swiss do, but don't use the first amendment to take away the second.

So that was in response to someone using the like "you don't need all those guns".

Take care ya'lls!

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  1. "and there are plenty of countries without guys that are way more violent then us."

    huh?? You know about some ultra-violent female only countries?? Hmmmmm. I'm really glad I don't live THERE. :P