Thursday, April 18, 2013

When Logic Just Aint Good Enough

Because if it saves the life of a single child, it's worth it...

So I've never been one to accuse the fatheads at MSNBC of being logical thinking people. And I am not going to start now either, especially since one of them just declared using that leftist brand of faulty logic (not logic) that the NRA is somehow to blame for the investigation into the Boston Marathon Massacre being slow. You know, since the suspects weren't caught and arrested mere minutes following the twin bombings.

His tired, begging the question logic states that the NRA is to blame for there not being traceable impurities in low grade explosives, which are used to tag high explosives. Because, according to him, the NRA lobbied to prevent that. You know, because there is such a real need to tag black powder. It's a ridiculous argument to make, and he provides no actual facts to back it up, but I guess he probably believes it.

What he may not (or possibly may) understand is that it isn't the NRA or some other lobbyist that is keeping the federal government from tracing gun powder and it's's the Constitution and it's limits on what the government can do when it comes to infringing on rights and tracking citizens. I mean, tracking gunpowder doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but not only is it pointless as far as an investigation tool (too many people use the stuff), it's also a bit of government sticking their nose into the private lives of citizens...something the Constitution was sort of trying to prevent. But, of course, if gunpowder were traced, then it could save the life of a child, right? Using his logic, maybe we should just scrap the whole Constitution altogether. It's for the children people.
I mean, freedom of speech is nice...until someone says something mean and you don't like. Children get bullied that way, and then they kill themselves. If speech were restricted to saying only things that are state approved, then there would be no more bullying, and it would save the children from killing themselves.
And freedom of religion too. I mean come's mostly Muslims blowing people up and stuff. So without the first amendment, the government could just ban them. Also they could ban those militant Christians we always hear about in the free press but never see. I think they hide in some mountains somewhere, plotting to kill our children. They don't plot very fast though.

And if only it weren't for that annoying third amendment, the government could put a soldier in every house to protect the children. Especially houses of right wingers, tea partiers, and the aforementioned child-killing-plotting militant Christians. You know, to keep an eye on them.

And don't forget, if the government could just search and seize at will, they could get dangerous things out of people's homes that pose a risk to our children, like sharp objects and toxic chemical cleaners. And guns and a Bibles too. Remember, the children belong to the state community.

If there were only some way to put people with ideologically wrong thinking into a prison or a camp to keep them from hurting children with their crazy ideas. But the whole trial process just ties the government's hands. All because of lobbyists no doubt.

Yeah, it's really the lobbyists like Madison and his ilk that get in the way of all these things.


  1. Excellent.

    And some say the Third Amendment is obsolete, but you know the progressives would pull that kind of crap if it weren't specified.

  2. I was actually gonna do something like this, then you did... so now I don't have to.