Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nuke the Punchline - To The Highest Bidder...

Harvey over at IMAO has another straight line of the day up, so it is time to choose the winners of the last one:

To Avoid Insolvency, Detroit…

#10 a guy named Rob : …held a bake sale.     [which, if they had sold MY cookies...would have earned plenty to solve their problems.  Too bad you didn't mention them ;) ]

#9 JeffersonFan:  ...Hire a copyright troll to go after all media sources that use any form of “drive-by shooting” in print, movies, music or video, since Detroit patented and copyrighted that during it automobile heydays.

#8 DrRiff:  ...Detroit is being purchased by China (reality answer).

#7 Writer: … has agreed to have the entire city recycled.

#6 walruskkkch: …declared the city open to all illegal immigrants since they are what powers economic recovery.

#Apostic : …moved back in with mom.

#4 Dohtimes : …decreed that ALL murders will now be for hire.  [no freebies!]

#3 FredKey: …declared itself an “insolvency-free zone.

#2 Steve H : … became watercolor rather than oil-based.

And my favorite straight line of the day was from Mike in OH:

To Avoid Insolvency, Detroit……sold the Lions and Tigers to a circus, the Pistons to a Chinese scrap metal foundry, and the Red Wings to some chicken joint in Cleveland.

COOKIES to Mike in OH!

So I got a response from Keln:

Challenge Accepted.

The game is on.  Now I guess we just have to wait for Frank J's baby to be born. Geez. Is this taking forever or is it just me?  :) STILL waiting...


I love it when you guys comment on my NP lines. :)  Here are my favorite responses to:
What is the next new scandal that will surface?

#3 Dohtimes :Anonymiss only gives away the cookies that get dropped on the floor and the FDA gives her a pass.  [I can't believe you would insinuate such a thing!!!!]

#2 Bob B. that Cowboy poetry supported by Harry Reid is being used by Al-Qaeda to secretly communicate to U.S. terror cells.

and my favorite line was from : Bob in Feenicks

What is the next new scandal that will surface?

...Michelle's birth certificate is fake. She was really born on Endor, not Kashyyyk.

Chocolate Chip COOKIES to Bob in Feenicks!

Here's a new line for you to try:

When he learned that physically strong men tend to right wing views, President Obama...


  1. ...switched to using a single teleprompter to prevent overdeveloping his sexy liberal chicken-neck.

  2. ...took a page from Bloomberg, and banned lifting anything over 16 ounces.

  3. ...outlawed weightlifting

    ...audited every gym

  4. ...went on a liquid diet, because he knew he would never be saved by the Heimlich Maneuver if no women were around.

  5. ...redefined "physically strong" so fewer people would qualify, thereby making fewer of them Conservatives.