Thursday, May 23, 2013

Somebody Else Did It

Mr. Obama wasn't around when the IRS was abusing conservative groups for the last few years.  He never knew the DOJ was spying on AP and Fox News.  He wasn't in the loop when somebody told General Ham, then head of AFRICOM, to stand down when Benghazi was under attack.  He has no idea why General Ham was relieved shortly afterwards.  Low level staffers did all these things, and he only found out about them when he read it in the papers.  He never heard of Operation Fast and Furious until he saw something about it on TV.  He has no idea why there are these rumors about DHS, EPA, the FBI, the Treasury,and the USPS buying millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition or why they think they need them. 

And on and on.  Bush did it.  Unfounded rumors.  GOP witch hunt.  Evil Fox News people making up stuff.  Anytime anything, well, treasonous happens, count on him to be taken completely by surprise.  Just ask Jay Carney.  It's a little bit like listening to a 10 year old explain that he doesn't know how the cat got duct taped to the wall.  For the third time.  Clint Eastwood's "empty chair" meme was ridiculed by Obama zombies after the Republican convention, but Clint got it right.


....something else Clint got right......
"Mr. Obama, get off my lawn"

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