Monday, June 3, 2013

For a Pocketfull of Mumbles

Darrel Issa recently said that Jay Carney is a "paid liar"….I wish he wouldn't make such unfounded statements.  There's no actual proof that I'm aware of that Mr. Carney gets paid anything.

If he is paid actual money for being a liar, it raises all kinds of questions.  

For instance, I wonder whether he gets paid:

    •  By the lie

    •  By the number of times he has to change the lie

    •  By the magnitude of the crime he's lying about

    •  Would he get paid by the hour, or what?  

    •  Maybe he gets paid on some kind of scale that increases the more imagination
       he has to use?               

    •  Does he get some kind of bonus for lying about lying?  

    •  Is there some kind of trade union for this line of work?  Something like the 

    •  Is there some kind of secret handshake for liars?  If there was would he lie
       about it?

    •  Can you copyright a lie?

    •  Does he get paid royalties if somebody else repeats the lie?

    •  Could he copyright the phrase: "To Carney Up"? 

The guy ought to be a millionaire by now.

If you can come up with other questions, either...

    •  I promise Anonymiss will personally bring you a big stack of cookies, 
    •  Or maybe I'm lying about it .....

Bonus cookies if you can figure out why Paul Simon's "The Boxer" is Jay's favorite song.


  1. In the clearing stands Jay Carney:
    A liar by his trade.
    And he carries the reminder
    of every lie he laid out...

    Lie la lie!

  2. Why would someone less threatening looking than a sleepy kitten or a baby duck be sent out as the first line of defense? Maybe he gets paid with candy or gets to have play time with Biden.