Friday, August 9, 2013

Hey! Now THAT'S a Good Idea!

Have you seen these yet? I saw one on the freeway this week...and I had one of those "why didn't I think of this?" moments.  As of 2006, semi trucks were travelling about 140 billion miles a year here. More than two thirds of all goods in the U.S. are transported this way.  The huge rectangular boxes that we use to do this are about as un-aerodynamic as they can be...and they have needed an upgrade for some time. This is called a "Trailer Tail". What do you think?

I know they look funny. I thought at first that the driver had left the back doors open. The flaps are bit clunky, and not particularly sleek looking...But look at what it does for the trailer's drag...

This is no small thing. Reducing drag equals fuel cost savings...and that equals cost savings for us consumers in the future. Not to mention a lot less fuel being used and less emissions. (No, I am NOT a hippie!) They claim 6.6% fuel efficiency gains at 65 mph. Now that's a really good idea. 

Bravo. :)