Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fun With Racism

Last week, springeraz wrote a pretty good essay discussing the so-called "national conversation on race" the "progressives" seem to want to have, and how it's less a dialogue they're looking for than a monologue wherein they tell all of us evil right-wing racists how terribly we all are.

The highlight of the piece, to me, was the discussion of whether the words "chigger" and "niggardly" are somehow racist, because they sound kind of like a word that we're not supposed to say. (Just ask Paula Deen.)

Anyway, it seems to me that the language has been hijacked to the point where we can't use a lot of perfectly good words that have absolutely nothing to do with any racist intent. Look at the hoo-hah last year over a "chink in the armor." Although that COULD have had some racist intent, at least in the context it was being used. I learned in the Navy that you're not allowed to use a flip-chart, because that might offend a Filipino, you can't have a conservative slant to your argument (or any other) as that might offend an Asian, and let's not even get into the mathematics you can't do without using the offensive slope-intercept form of an equation.

I had a Facebook argument a while back as to whether "thug" was racist. It is, apparently, when applied to Obama, because it seems he has his roots in an obscure Indian religious sect or something. This particular person, a rabid liberal of many years, had decided to put up a list of "Racist/Not Racist" for the edification of the conservatives in his friends list.

That was the moment I realized: who named him Lord and Master Arbiter of What Is and Is Not Racist? Why should I give a good gosh-darn WHAT he thinks is or isn't racist? Then I realized, that's where conservatives are losing the battle: We're letting the liberals define the terms of the argument, and the conditions under which it might be won. (Hint: For us to "win," all we need to do is accept everything they say unconditionally as the gospel truth and the way everything should be, now and always. Coincidentally, that's also the democRat definition of "compromise.")

The left had now declared pretty much every word the right uses in their discussions to be racist, at least when used to discuss politics. Words like "socialist," "Constitution," phrases like "States rights," and "Tenth Amendment." All racist. Welfare? Racist. Voter ID? Racist.

We have gone from a society where this is legitimate and valid social commentary:
to a society where this is just plain RRRRRRacist:

Remember how the Goreacle solemnly pronounced that climate change "deniers" should be treated like racists? That's the Alinskyite way the left monopolizes the argument: by shouting down their opponents and calling them names. The typical tactics the right uses are to either ignore the names and taunts or to try to respond to the false charges and names the leftist is laying on them. This makes the conservative look defensive and makes people watching think there might be some merit to the lefty's arguments.

What the right needs to do is go on the offensive. Start using the left's tactics to attack the left. Start redefining words to mean what WE want them to mean, and shouting down anyone who disagrees. Within reason.

One word I'd like to redefine is "Retarded." We're told this word is offensive and insensitive to people who are, well, retarded. Of course, no one has actually used it to describe truly retarded people for what, like 25 years? We now uses "Special Needs" and "Developmentally Disabled," and any other number of other terms, leaving the word "retarded" free to be redefined and used to describe what we want it to describe.

I You can start by using a word that has a negative connotation, then amend the meaning so that it applies exclusively to leftist idiots. Like this:

Retarded (adj.): So stupid only a progressive democRat could think of it. Example: The idea to raise money to pay for medical devices by taxing medical device manufacturers is retarded.

Idiot (n.): A progressive democRat. Example: I didn't vote for my congressman because he's an idiot.

Fascist (n.): A gun control advocate. Example: Dianne Feinstein is a Fascist. (BTW: Liberals like to throw the word fascist around because they think fascism is somehow "right wing." And the example they use to "prove" this is the fact that Stalin hated Hitler. Of course, the only thing this proves is that the only way Hitler looks right wing is if you are looking at him from a Stalinist perspective. Of course, this is also the word leftists like to use to compare conservatives to Hitler without actually saying the word "Hitler.")

Or you can take a word with a positive connotation and reverse the meaning, making it a pejorative, then using it to describe leftist idiots. Like this:L

Awesome (adj.): Mindbogglingly stupid. Example: Obamacare is an AWESOME law.

Smart (adj.): Drunk. Example :Ted Kennedy was a really smart guy.

Legislator (n.): Murderous cretin. Example :Ted Kennedy was a really smart legislator.

Ivy League (adj.): Worthless; Useless. Example: Obama has an Ivy League education.

Obviously, this second approach will take more time, as the public will need to be reeducated on what the words really mean.

Then, there are code words/dog whistles that only leftists can hear, but think conservatives hear them in the same way. You can play with a liberal using this tactic, Like the time I was at a street festival, and a vendor said something like, "Hey, guy! Wanna buy a slicea Pizza?" And I turned to him and yelled, "WHY? DO I LOOK LIKE AN ITALIAN TO YOU? ARE YOU SAYING ALL ITALIANS LIKE PIZZA? YOU ARE ETHNICALLY PROFILING ME AND I FIND THAT OFFENSIVE! YOU ARE PREJUDICED AGAINST ITALIAN-AMERICAN PEOPLE! WE'VE BEEN HISTORICALLY OPPRESSED AND YOU ARE JUST PERPETUATING IGNORANT STEREOTYPES!" (That's kind of true, you know. Italians were treated pretty poorly for a while. Don't believe me? Name the first Italian President of the United States. Hah!)

Okay, I didn't actually say this, but it's totally the kind of thing I WOULD say, so that counts. Liberals would count it if it was them. I mean, look at how the "news" media covered up the fact that Trayvon Martin bought a WATERMELON flavored drink. Because in the liberal mind, you know. Watermelon = Black = RACIST.

Then, you can start going off on people for no reason whatsoever, for something they said that makes no sense at all, then blame the Jews. I call this the Sharpton Maneuver.

Anyway, I think it's time to start wresting the language back from the leftist pigs who've ripped it away from us. I'm sure you can come up with numerous other words you'd like to see redefined. Feel free to leave them in the comments.

I leave you with a couple pictures, one that I stole from the interwebs, and one that I made up that Harvey deemed "Too racially sensitive" for IMAO. However, it fits in very well with what I've written, and, seeing as how NP readers are big boys and girls, I think you're old enough to handle it.

Incidentally, does anyone else find it utterly hilarious that Omoron spent the bin Laden raid playing cards? And that the card game he was playing sounds like the punchline to a lousy racist joke? Maybe it's just me...


  1. if we are going to take back the language, how about that truly idiot "some letter of the alphabet"-word idiocy? can we get rid of that?

    1. I would really eff-word-ing love to get rid of that idiocy.

  2. Nice piece Arik...PC seems to be one of the best weapons the left has, but they need to constantly up the ante with new twists, no matter how stupid. The rest of us are all to willing to sheepishly go along with it, which is the only reason it works at all. The left is the first victim of their own stupidity here, however. Being afraid to reference the innocuous fact that Trayvon was carrying a watermelon flavored drink, borders on psychotic. Harvey nailed it brilliantly with the very short comment he posted on "so let's go duck hunting"... he does that a lot.

    1. Sadly, I have this niggling feeling the problem ain't going away...