Wednesday, January 8, 2014

True Believers And The Progressive Gospel

A lot of people have long said that "Progressivism" is a form of mental illness.  This has been said by people who understand it from a clinical, medical standpoint. They don't mean "mental illness" as a glib way of saying they disagree with the left, they mean it in the true medical sense. (Here, here, here),  And all this time I thought liberals were just idiots.

Now along comes this guy.  I think his name is Morissey, with maybe one of the  weirdest things I've heard in a long time, and I realize that all those people must be right.  He claims that eating meat is morally indistinguishable from rape, murder, and pedophilia.

So some guy minding his own business, sitting in a restaurant eating a cheeseburger is to be seen as no different than say, Jerry Sandusky.

To say this kind of thing and actually mean it, (I mean, I have to take the guy at his word), exposes something completely twisted that goes on in the minds of the left.  They apparently have no moral compass at all.  

So maybe liberals are actually mentally ill, or it may be they're just idiots.  Or maybe they know better, but suffer from some sort of hysteria that prevents them from being able to see things in any kind of perspective.  On the other hand, it may be that they're simply mentally ill, hysterical idiots.

And this thing about eating meat is just one of a thousand issues that the left responds to this way….global warming is going to kill us all, CO2 is going to kill us all, not having Obamacare is going to kill us all, right wing military madness, the 2nd Amendment, Christianity, contact sports, fossil fuels, GMO crops, smoking, all going to kill us.

Okay, they're right about smoking, but that's my business, not theirs.

A lot of other acts of conservative heresy, like threatening Roe v Wade, failing to perceive Obama's brilliance, clinging to traditional marriage, all this foolishness about securing the borders, watching Fox News, and failing to properly hate greedy capitalist corporations, while they may not kill us outright, are certainly evil, because they contradict the received Truth that is progressive Gospel.

If all this is true, it helps explain the breakdown in communication that exists, and it doesn't encourage me to believe that there can be a peaceful solution to the problem.  If you work at it, you can explain something to an idiot, but before you can reason with a crazy person, they have to first come to terms with their craziness.

When reality intrudes on their fantasies, as when jobs don't just fall out of the sky, when our enemies don't suddenly change their mind after we've bowed to them, or when the Obamacare implosion accelerates, they aren't able to re-examine their premise, they ignore it, blame others, throw more money at it, and lie.

And occasionally, their global warming research vessel ends up stuck in the ice.  Why all that ice is there, and what it says about all their computer models, is ignored,  They simply pretend it didn't happen.   Anybody who tries to point it out is decried as a "climate denier", whatever that means. The left is convinced that anything you think or say that contradicts them is simply proof that you're wrong, or a racist, or something.

Throughout history, when True Believers have acted on their convictions, the result has been things like the Spanish Inquisition, Auschwitz, the Cambodian killing fields, and Stalin's political purges.   

When you're a True Believer, you never need to examine your thoughts about anything. 

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  1. EXTREMELY well said! Thank you for the great article! 5 stars (if you were using stars).