Monday, May 12, 2014

Locked Out Again

Lots going on in Washington today…the dems are panicking over the Select Committee on Benghazi, Michelle and Hillary are both making speeches about Boko Haram kidnapping hundreds of little girls without actually mentioning Boko Haram or the fact that they're terrorists, and the PC lunatics on campuses across the nation are skyrocketing out of control.  And Barry's at a fundraiser somewhere.  

But my wife thinks I'm outside right now working on a flagstone deck, and I really need to get that done, so the best I can offer right now is a picture from the White House security cam showing Joe Biden turning up late for work….

1 comment:

  1. Are you STILL working on your deck?????

    P.S. Liked your Mother's day tribute.
    P.S.S. One of these times you're going to HAVE to pick up the tab.