Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Anonymiss Goes to the Movies

[Setting: Standing in line at the movie theater on $5 Tuesday to see How to Train Your Dragon 2
...after having parked in a land far far away.
Apparently, I was not the only person with this brilliant idea on a humid Wisconsin day :)]

Young Male Stranger to Me: Are you planning to see How to Train Your Dragon?
Me (surprised): Yes.
Stranger: The 7 o'clock showing?
Me (a bit worried): Yes.
Stranger: General Admission?
Me (a little freaked out): Um, yes. (Is there any other choice? Oh yeah. The crazy expensive bistro tickets. Yeah I never do that.) Yes. General admission.
Stranger: I have extra tickets that I'm not going to use. [shows them to me]
Me (unsure about him, but with the number of people swarming the theater, increasingly concerned that the movie would be sold out before I got mine): Ok. Let me pay you.
Stranger (surprised): Oh no. Here. You can have them. They were just going to go to waste.
Me (elated): Are you SURE? Oh my goodness. Thank you!! 

Despite what you may think...
Unabashed Kindness...
to a perfect stranger...


Oh, and I *did* look around for the government bureaucrat who made this possible, but I didn't see him anywhere. I hope Obama doesn't think I'm ungrateful.


  1. It seems to me that it's far easier to be kind (or unkind) to a complete stranger. The whole transaction is likely to last a few seconds, or maybe a few minutes. If they are appreciative, we feel good; If not, then we've really lost nothing.

    On the other hand, kindness to someone we know, carries with it an inherent risk: Even if our intentions are good, our actions might not be welcome, and the results can be devastating.

  2. Sometimes kindness comes to those most in need of it.

    Good to see you back in the magic kingdom.

  3. All of which begs the question; How was the movie?

  4. Yeah, it's like they say: Bread cast upon the waters... uh.. gets soggy and sinks...