Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I find it amazing that the same liberals who get into high dudgeon about how we shouldn't "paint all Muslims with the same brush" when we want to discuss the two or three hundred million Muslims who want us dead, have absolutely no problem whatsoever insisting that the eighty or ninety members of Westboro Baptist speak for all Christians.


  1. It's because they hate us.

    I agree it is amazing though.

    1. I think they go on the "enemy of my enemy..." principle.

      Look at Obama wanting to ally with IRAN!

      They wull have to learn the hard way that sometimes the cure is worse than the disease, so to speak.

      New Motto:

      Liberalism: Consistency Is Not Our Forte

    2. and yet you have no problem tarring all atheists with the same brush.

      btw, speaking of westboro, when snyder v westboro went to the supreme court, i, an atheist, donated to the legal fund for mr snyder. can you say the same?

  2. I have no problem with most atheists. I believe that everyone is entitled to worship, or not worship, according to the dictates of his or her conscience.

    I just don't much care for Evangelical Athiests, who seem bent on spreading their disbelief far and wide, abd generally acting like miserable spoilsports around the Christian holidays. The Consitution guarantees freedon OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.

    In all honesty, I suspect most athiests would be swayed if given the proper evidence. But the Evangelicals are like the Climate Change Cultists: No amount of evidence will ever sway them.

    Personally, I look at the science of the Universe and can't help but see the Face of God. At one time I was more or less agnostic, but I've been to the other side: To deny the reality of what I've seen and where I've been would be to deny Jesus Christ, and, as crazy as it would have seemed just a few years ago, I am now convinced that I will proclaim His truth with my dying breath,

    As the famous philosopher Neil of Peart once said, "You can choose a redy guide in some celestial voice. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." I have made the choice, of my own Free Will, to bear whatever I must, in the name of Jesus Christ,

    Just a thought: The difference between you as an athiest and me as a Christian: You don't believe in the immortal soul; I am praying for yours.