Thursday, December 11, 2014

One Final Thought About Dr. Gruber

Over the last two weeks, Dr. Gruber has received his share of attention for his statements disclosing the deception used to craft Obamacare, and his repeated statements to the effect that Americans were too stupid to catch on.  With the exception of the MSM, just about everybody has had something to say about the cynicism exposed by his statements. The humiliating takedown by Darrell Issa's committee yesterday, (12/10) was well deserved, and If there's more to follow, he deserves that too.  (He wasn't allowed to plead the 5th Amendment, that phrase has been copyrighted by the IRS).

Gruber's problems centered around his contributions to the development of Obamacare, his string of documented comments about the need to deceive Americans to secure the bill's passage, and his repeated observations about how easy that was given how stupid we all are.

A fascinating comment was made during the hearing by committee member Elijah Cummings.  Unconcerned about the fact that Obamacare is built completely on lies, or about the insult to America's intelligence, his stated concern was that Gruber's statements gave the GOP a "public relations gift", and that the democrats stood exposed.  The main reason Mr. Cummings was unhappy was that Dr. Gruber had dared to speak the truth.  He had broken "omertà".   Omertà (silence) is a principle that evolved in Sicily, used by the Mafia as a code of conduct that forbids disclosing information about criminal activities.  The totalitarian left shares that principle, and for good reason.  Ironically, it was originally used as a means of keeping government out of people's private affairs.  Now it has become a principle used by the government to keep private citizens away from the truth.  

History will remember Dr. Gruber as a sacrificial goat whose naiveté exposed the shenanigans of his totalitarian bosses.  Like them, he brought arrogance and an elitist sense of entitlement to the table, but he lacked the street sense to pull it off.  He was a political naif in the art of weaselspeak, and he let the cat out of the bag.  It is that about which Democrats are unhappy.

He should have stuck to teaching economics to college kids, where a PhD is a mark of high honor,  and left the lies and the disrespect shown to the nation to the people who do it for a living.  For them, PhD stands for Phony Dufus. 

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