Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Excoriation of Hillary

I don't believe I've ever seen in my relatively short life any major modern candidate for President of the United States ever give a speech which so succinctly, aggressively, and completely so destroyed their opponent as the one Donald Trump gave today concerning Hillary Clinton.

I've seen Trump supporters for months in response to national Trump v Hillary polls say "he hasn't even started on her". And this brought visions of name-calling and the normal Trump antics that helped him defeat his Republican opponents. There was none of that today. He has clearly recognized that such will not work with Hillary.

Instead, he simply told the truth about her. He went, point by point, describing who and what Hillary truly is, and what her presidency would mean for our country. I've never seen anything like it. He didn't bother making a case for himself. He didn't need to. By the end of this speech, he made it clear that anyone who would support her is either woefully ignorant or self-destructive. That she is the worst possible scourge to minorities. That she means the death of the middle class and the expansion of poverty. That Hillary is like a dagger to the heart of America itself.

It is definitely worth a watch. If this is the level at which Trump is going to attack her, she hasn't got a chance. Because every bit of what he is saying is well documented truth:

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