Saturday, September 24, 2016

Guest Blogger: All They Need is Just One More Election

The following was submitted to us by Ravi Crux.

The struggle is real.   


 Whether you are just waking up to the reality of it or are still oblivious, the Constitution of the United States of America is under assault.  There is currently a major attempt to abolish the single most important document establishing an agreement between the government and its people.  Every right established allowing our country to become the most prosperous and functional on the planet, is being torn down brick by brick. It would be a pleasant nightmare to consider this fiction.  A gleefully disturbed look would fill ones face, if this was merely a dream.   

But it is not.    

This is not some movie.  This is not some conspiracy theory.  This is not some random whisper from an untrustworthy stranger.  The struggle for freedom is real. Freedom as we know it in America is being replaced, and once it is gone it may never return.

The American Constitution is the freedom and wisdom that acknowledges the differences of humanity

Like most people, one can be easily distracted by the overwhelming minutia that floods our data streams discombobulating information to an unintelligible level.  The news media, the internet, and the local meeting place all combine to blur the reality that is staring us directly in the face.  The noise is so loud and jarring at times that it can easily persuade one to fade into the soft bosom of everyday life.  Like adjusting to a climate, blocking out the noise becomes second nature.   

We assimilate the noise into our daily lives, allowing it to become a new norm.  Over time as the noise changes, we allow the norm to be changed as well just accepting it as another fact of life. We have become complacent with the noise and those who seek to change our way of life are taking advantage of it.

Everything that allows us the freedom to live how we choose stems from the Constitution. 


Though America has her flaws, she has the single greatest document providing the greatest amount of freedom ever to be constructed and employed on this planet.  Let that sink in.  Consider the wisdom and forethought of its originators.  The American Constitution is the freedom and wisdom that acknowledges the differences of humanity, the difference of thought, and the difference of will in each of us.  It affords us the chance to explore potentialities found nowhere else.

Our history is being lost.   


This has been going on for a long time now at an ever increasing frequency.  The way in which History is being taught to students, adds to a systematic pattern of manipulation.  This is being achieved by unconstitutionally allowing the government to consolidate control of education to a single source, i.e. Common Core.  Through common core, our students are being given information that is filtered and approved by politicians.   

Politicians have agendas; that is the nature of their existence.  Because of this, slight or even sometimes egregious changes to historical records are used to shape perspective.  Instead of teaching a student how to think, they are teaching students what to think.  This is a dangerous power that is afflicting many of the new adults hitting the streets today.  If you have any doubt, just have a five minute conversation with the nearest “Social Justice Warrior.” 

This type of manipulation has been going on for years. 


Do the math.  Generations of people with a lack of real knowledge of history are now getting into positions of power.  Is this a future, whether you agree with certain ideologies or not, that gives you comfort? Complacency, apathy, and distorted world views are the results of allowing politicians to change and corrupt our history. 

This type of systematic assault is the model used by liberal politicians to affect multiple avenues of influence.  Take a moment to really consider the implications.  If you are training the youth to think like you do, then you are indoctrinating a voting bloc.  There is no critical thinking.  There is no free thought.  There is only what is approved by the political party in power over this mechanism.

Allow me to share an anecdotal example of what can happen.  I was having a conversation with a group of millennials about this election cycle.  They were attempting to give me a history lesson on the two major parties in America.  One solid idea that they all agreed upon, was that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat.  Further discussion on the matter revealed that they were taught this throughout middle and high school.   My eyes were alight with pity and sorrow.  What is the purpose of intentionally changing the political party of this historical icon?

The answer was clear.   


The liberals wanted to change history to only reflect positive outcomes to the historical people with whom they chose to associate.  Changing the political party is part of training the youth to see Republicans in a negative light.  This is a subtle and not widely exposed tactic that is being used in today’s classrooms. With no objective observer to regulate or even contest such unnecessary actions, the process will continue.  After showing them ample evidence to the contrary, two-thirds of that group said they were going to rethink what they know about politics.

That is all I could ask.  That is all anyone can ask.  Developing critical thinking skills in order to attempt to be as objective as possible to foster a reasonable conclusion is vital.  But none of this can be accomplished when our history is being changed to suit the political whims of politicians.  This is why Common Core is so valuable to the liberals; it is a source of power.

Do you think the founding fathers would just allow this to occur? Would they sit back and pander to this religion as if it was an angry neighbor with some odd grievance?

Along with History, language has also been co-opted as a tool for political control.   


Seemingly every day words are having their meanings changed or re-created to herd people into the same “group-think” huddle.  Though some words change gradually over time, much of their meaning remains.  However, when the definition of words is transferred to the politicians, they become only tools of control. 

The liberal media has been an eager participant in this regard.  Why would the media, the voice of the people that is supposed to help keep the government in check, be so eager?  Liberals have installed “journalists” in the major media institutions to make sure that the masses are informed as the liberals approve.  Seeing a pattern to Common Core here?  Control of most media becomes another source of power.

With this control of the media, words can be changed and labels applied as they see fit.  Ideas can be pushed without any real competition.  Suppression of critical reviews of any concept are squashed or labeled with, sometimes aggressive, negative terms.  You can see this expressed many times in this election cycle.   

As one liberal political says about many voters that do not agree with her policies, they are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and islamaphobic.” This politician uses these labels to try to shame or denigrate anyone that does not follow her party line.  Many in the liberal media were all too happy to attempt to justify her words, by explaining their validity, in their view.

There are many examples of how words are being changed to support a political agenda.  There are very few rational people in this country that are not aware that a specific Ideology is eager to bring America to ruin.  This ideology has openly expressed, openly prepared for, and openly acted on inspiring or directly attacking American values and its people.  Through the course of the last few years, the word ‘terrorism’ is being transformed from a horrific act to an angry situation.  The core of the issue is not being addressed and American lives are being damaged and lost because of it.

America put into the constitution Freedom of Religion. 


However, this religion is openly and aggressively attacking, murdering, and calling for the destruction of America.  Do you think the founding fathers would just allow this to occur? Would they sit back and pander to this religion as if it was an angry neighbor with some odd grievance? No. 
If you ask a liberal about this disastrous conflict that is not being dealt with, they would imply that everything is fine.  They would also include information on how to offer this ideology a hug.  Think about that. Why do they feel this way?  Because they are being shamed by labels to believe that it is merely a difference of culture and we should respect other cultures, even if they are actively killing Americans.  They are more afraid of being labeled, than survival.  These are the same labels approved by liberal politicians and fed to the media for mass consumption.

Words are very powerful.  They are especially so against those who lack the critical thinking skills to check out the evidence for themselves and form a rational conclusion.  You combine the teachings of Common Core with the word manipulation of the press by politicians and what do you get? You get the people who call bombs clocks and who call mass shootings work place violence.  You get people who will not acknowledge that the most dangerous ideology on the planet is at war with America.

And any time someone is brave enough to battle this ideology, they will be put down by a liberal Supreme court.

All of these tactics dull the senses of much of the public.  


Instead of seeing the real threats that are literally smacking us in the face, we spend time on meaningless name calling and shaming.  Our political discourse has devolved into a mudslinging contest, where the rational are racist and the irrational are “pure of heart.” This has become so destructive, that we have blindly allowed our elected officials to acquire and give away this country’s power.   

Through executive orders and unconstitutional treaties, our elected officials are handing over America’s sovereignty to power brokers in other nations.  These acts are in direct contrast to what the originators of the constitution intended.  Let me state this more clearly; some group of people in the middle of Europe are going to be in control of how America conducts its affairs.  Are you comfortable with your neighbor telling you how to live your life? Really?

So how are these strategies, employed by liberal ideology, directly assaulting the constitution? Through changing of history and controlling the language, extreme liberal policies are being enacted without real political discourse.  They have softened the public’s resolve to challenge anti-American ideas so much, that apathy plays a larger role than the ballot box.  They have weakened critical thinking to the point that most leftists believe that the constitution is an organic document that does not represent the people in modern day America.

It will not take you long to find many references to these politicians wanting to change the first amendment, cancel the second amendment, and give a thorough review of all others within that document.  This may seem absurd to some, but there is a bulk of evidence to support it.  Every line of the constitution will be analyze and its fitness tested against liberal ideology, if they succeed in gaining additional power.  They will continue to use their control of education, their constant inbreeding of liberal media, and the power to change the course of the Supreme Court to accomplish these goals.

Ask yourself these questions:   


  • Which political party, overwhelmingly, is supporting the influx of non-Americans to this land?  
  • Which political party is shipping in people from countries with dangerous ideologies to this land?  
  •  Which political party wants to suppress your outrage through labels and shaming? 
  •  Which political party does not want you to have the right to defend yourself from these dangerous ideologies? 

The clear answer is the Democrats.

By bringing in unchecked, unvetted, anti-American people to a land that affords the freedoms that we enjoy, what does this accomplish?  It adds to a liberal narrative, making the voice louder, that America is terrible.  It is fodder for the left to distract and destroy the will and the spirit of its people, in a clear attempt to change the laws of the land.   

Consider this:  most of the mass immigration is coming from countries that have totalitarian, socialist, or theocratic forms of government.  All of these ideologies are at odds with this country.  So what better voting bloc to import, in order to support the liberal agenda, than these immigrants? They soften the sting by building supporters from within, then import or allow the immigration of many who already sympathize with their view to supplement their movement.  All of this is in an effort to crush dissent, and progress their agenda with little to no resistance.

When one looks into the future, it is not difficult to foresee that all of these actions are leading to some form of an Orwellian state.  The politicians will control the language and history.  They will pass their filtered reality to the media for dissemination to the public. This generation of SJW’s along with sympathetic immigrants will be the thought-police on the ground correcting any opposing viewpoints expressed.  And any time someone is brave enough to battle this ideology, they will be put down by a liberal Supreme court.

            I wish I could tell you that this is some conspiratorial attempt to scare people into voting against any liberal politician.  I wish this was some sad joke, but I cannot.  This is the real deal.  The systems are in place.  Eight years of unchecked power has allowed them to set all of these systems into high gear.  All they need is one more election to put in the finishing touches.

            The fall of the American Constitution will officially begin, upon the election of a liberal to the highest office in the land.  

 All they need is one more election.

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