Sunday, December 4, 2016

I Just Want to Point Out That Les is Carrying This Blog

Yeah, Les. That guy who rarely has much to say, just makes pictures and stuff. He's carrying this blog lately.

I feel ashamed.

Although, he's been doing an incredible job. Who knew he had a voice? (he does voice work, so that is funny. Please laugh (Jeb! reference))

I've not been writing because I have been busy winning. Seriously, it's hard to write much when every other news article out right now is "winner winner, chicken dinner".

OMG, so much winning.

So, Donald Trump isn't even the President yet, right? we agree on that part?

Yet...he is already creating (or saving) jobs, a la Carrier.

Let me put the Carrier 1100 jobs into perspective: according to the National Association of Manufacturers, that means at minimum 1.58 jobs created/saved per job at Carrier.

That is, jobs in the community surrounding the Carrier plant. That 1.58 is for the most basic job, such as factory line worker. It does not include maintenance techs and engineers, for which the number goes higher.

So Trump saved 1100 Carrier jobs. But he likely saved twice that in service industry jobs. That is what winning looks like folks.

And The Donald isn't even president yet.

He's already proving the power of the presidency, and how that one person in office can affect everything in our economy. Scary when you consider Obama as president. But incredible when you consider a billionaire businessman as president.

Obama was weak, in every way imaginable. Now we are getting a strongman for President. That means two things: The possibilities are endless, AND, we the People must be vigilant when it comes to Trump. A strongman can be a great thing, but only if the people keep him in check.

I truly believe Donald Trump wants the best for this country. But he has a very goal-oriented mentality. That is a good thing, however it could mean working around the Constitution to get things done. We cannot allow that.

After all, the only thing keeping us free from government power is that centuries old document.

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