Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Three Strikes, She's Out!

So, the electoral college certified Trumps win with their vote, now Hillary clinton has lost the general election, the recount, and this vote. She has definitely struck out swinging in 2016. Actually, she lost five electoral college votes in this last attempt to perform an end run on the election process and seize power leaving the Democrats with nothing to do but bite and claw at eachother as they try to place the blame everywhere but where it belongs.

Hillary was a terrible candidate, no one can really deny that now, since her entire run was plagued with controversies and scandals. From Benghazi to Server-gate, for every mean or nasty thing Trump said or people had claimed he had said, Hillary had done something far worse.

Then there is Debbie Wasserman Schultz, when it came out just how in Hillary's pocket she was and the way she had rigged things to keep Bernie Sanders away from the party nomination it disheartened the Bern-outs and drove a fair number of them away from the establishment and had them voting against their own party and with Trump.

Finally, there is the simple arrogance of the Democrats. Hillary and her surrogates did not campaign aggressively in the states that swung the election, spending too much time focusing on her stronghold states and even when she dipped her toes outside of them, she stuck to the urban centers, which were always going to be where she stood the best chance anyways. Why? Because her campaign and the Demmies as a whole could not conceive of a populist movement that wasn't urban-centric mattering.

So yeah, three strikes and she is out for now, let's hope the old witch doesn't step up to the plate again.

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