Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oh, the Irony

 Kneel before Zod, folks.

Harvey over at IMAO pointed out the latest strategy in President Obama's re-election campaign. Apparently El Presidente said in a campaign speech that the election should be a close one, because we've been through a "tough four years".


Harvey succinctly puts it this way:

"So...his argument for reelection is that we should make it a tough eight?"

Well put Harvey. However, there might be another tactic at work here: making excuses for why he won't get reelected.

And the tough four years was Bush's fault of course. The irony in this lil' speech is palpable (and I hate the feel of iron, its so...irony). Obama claims that Republicans "have it easy" because of "folks" frustrations. He claims that Romney can just say that the last four years have been tough and say it is Obama's fault, and use that to "surf" (an odd term) all the way to the White House. So basically, he is saying that the Republicans will do what he did in '08. Gotta love it.

You can watch El Presidente utter these words here, "folks".

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