Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kids These Days

Bill Gates was too busy counting his Benjamins to actually write this stuff, but he could have.

So every once in a while I make a pit-stop on the internets at Facebook. I know a couple people there you see. Well, I call them "friends", but that is because Facebook doesn't really have any other choices. You can't "acquaintance" or "vaguely know" someone, you "friend" them. One such Facebook acquaintance posted something that showed up on my wall thingy. I think Pink Floyd kind of covered the whole wall thing, and why building such walls might be undesirable, but Facebook thinks walls are good, so whatever.

On my wall was the image you see at the top of this article. It is a list of ten things that kids aren't taught in school that those of us who live in reality know pretty well by now. It is attributed to Bill Gates, even though that isn't really who wrote it. But regardless of who wrote it, they are all quite true.

See, what teachers now teach to such impressionable yoots and the reality of life are two, quite different, things. As you can see on the list in the image above, the going theme is one of entitlement. By their very existence, school children are told today that they are special and deserving of so much. They aren't taught the value of hard work or making sacrifices to reach their goals. Sure, they are pressured to choose goals, but never guided to any kind of roadmap to meet those goals.

If you want someone to blame, well that is easy to find. Leftists...again. Because it is leftism that created such idiotic nonsense as "everyone is a winner". I know it sounds like I have some kind of bias against people on the left, and you would be right. But it isn't my fault that some people choose emotions over reason. Cold, hard, facts, logic, reality, and reasoning just don't care about someone's politics. They are objective, something that the relativist leftist just doesn't understand...until it bites them in the old keister.

If you want to know why these occupier kids are so darned mad, or frustrated as the media likes to say, it is because of cold, hard, reality. They were taught in public school, and in many cases as far as college, that things work in a certain way. IE. if they want something, they get it, because they breath. Reality, on the other hand, rejects such nonsense. So these poor kids don't get what they want, and they want to blame someone. So they blame the have's, because they collectively have-not.

Now, I refuse to make any excuses for the idiocy that some of these occupier people can display. I can't even blame schools or leftism for some of the dopey things that they do. But I do have a tiny tiny bit of sympathy for the majority of them, who have been let down by older generations who should have stepped up and taught them values and how life actually works. We can whine about these idiot kids, but it is partially (only partially...the lion's share belongs to idiot educators) our fault as parents. We cannot, and should not, depend on public education to teach our kids about life.

This is really one of those cases where we as people on the right win the argument by default, but can't really get any joy from it. I don't know too many people on the right who sincerely enjoy watching others suffer, especially kids, although the left likes to portray us as such. This is the plight of being objective: we can argue with these people until we are blue in the face, but eventually it is reality that will slap them down and we are forced to watch their failure. If you are a parent, don't let your kids be yet another statistic of such failure. The schools won't teach them what they need to know about life, it is up to you.

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