Friday, June 22, 2012

Why We See the Left as Losers

Yes Michael, we know...

The left just doesn't understand how the rest of the world, and especially those on the right, views them. Or, more specifically, why we view them that way. They seem convinced that others don't like them or are shocked when they do things, like talk, because of their views. But it isn't their views that disturb so many of us, since we've all mostly considered their childish ideologies to be just that: childish. No, it is their behavior that annoys and in some cases shocks other people. 

For instance, a bunch of gay pride people were invited into the White House today to attend some kind of thing about being proud about being gay. I'm not entirely sure what they are proud of exactly, I'm straight but I don't run around telling people about it and attending White House events to celebrate it, but to each their own. And the White House apparently is proud of it too, or something, so they had all these people over.

I dunno about you guys, but if I got invited to the White House for something, the first thing I would do is to be courteous and gracious, and all of those pleasant things that we're taught to do and be when you're being given a special honor. The last thing I would do is prance around posing for the camera flipping off portraits of past presidents, such as Reagan, also known as "The Great One".

But several of these gay-proud people did exactly that. Now, I don't think for a minute that all gay people, even the proud ones, are exclusively leftist. But it does seem that most are, or at least the vocal ones are. So, I'm not here to condemn all gay people as uncouth individuals that can't behave properly in public. But, if you've ever seen a gay pride parade whether on TV or in person, you'll notice that proper behavior is not exactly a virtue there. But then if you've ever seen occupiers or your average run-of-the-mill leftist protest or event, you'll see the same thing.

They constantly stand behind the freedom of speech, which I know that those of us on the right cherish along with all of our inalienable rights. But they fail to acknowledge the burden of responsibility that comes with having such rights. They confuse being legally allowed to behave like a moron with the responsibility to not be such a jack wagon in public. And then they get upset when the rest of the country has no respect for them, due to such behavior. They have a right to act that way, but we aren't obliged to accept that behavior.

As an example of how those on the left just don't understand personal responsibility, one of the gay-proud people who attended the White House thingy said that they hate Reagan because he "has blood on his hands...was in the White House as AIDS exploded". So the spread of AIDS particularly among the gay community, but also among the general population was somehow Reagan's fault, instead of the consequence of poor lifestyle choices.

Once again, with the left, it is never about themselves being the problem, it is everyone else who is the problem. It's the country. It's the Jews. It's the Republicans. It's Bush. It's the racists or the homophobes. The Christians or other religious people. That's the problem. That's why everyone thinks they are losers, right?

No, my leftist friends, it's YOU.

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