Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nuked Link of the Day: To Shutdown Conservative Speech

This isn't all really news to us on the right, but it was nice of Soopermexican to put it all down on digital paper in a clear and cohesive explanation, and a call to arms of sorts. It's a pretty good post about what the left is trying to do this election by attempting to silence those of us on the right.

 As we trudge our way to election day 2012, more and more malfeasance by the liberal Left is being uncovered by the unsung heroes of this election cycle – the bloggers.

You can read the rest at his blog.

I'll use this as another shameless plug to start blogging on your own, blog with me, or submit stuff to conservative blogs. Let's show the left what happens when they try to shut us up: talk more, more loudly, and more annoyingly.

It works for my kids anyway...

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