Monday, July 23, 2012

a word on tolerance: part 1

Tolerance is a buzzword that gets passed around like a joint at a hippie drum circle rally on a regular basis. We all like to think of ourselves as these kind, live and let live type of people who just want to live our lives and let the other guy, do what the other guy wants to do as long as it doesn't hurt us.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Now in recent years the libertarian movement has pretty much given up on forging its own way and decided to infect the republican party like something that infects things. I'm pretty much OK with this. I used to be a strong social conservative but over the years I've nearly abandoned that aspect of my life, not because I don't believe in those principals, but more because I don't want to tell anyone else how to live their life. I do several things that some social conservatives wouldn't like. For example, I drink, I am in the process of quitting smoking, but I'm not perfect, and when ever possible I try and touch boobs and other things that go along with that.

Liberals, throw around the word tolerance a lot, but they themselves don't seem to practice it. Here are a few examples.

Don't believe in gay marriage = bigot
Don't believe in elective (or otherwise) abortion = you hate women
Don't like drugs = you hate minorities
Don't like public sector unions = you hate the middle class

over this week I will tackle these issues one by one and give you the counterpoints to all of these.

So good news guys, I have another multi-part article this week. You're welcome America.

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