Friday, July 13, 2012

Eric Holder = Fail

I think for the most part we can all look at the opposition and see a group of people that just see the world a bit differently than us, but some times you see the opposition for what they really are. A complete and utter fail factory.

Fail factory, isn’t that the name of a crappy NU METAL band?

When Eric Holder (or E-Money as I like to call him) isn’t running around covering up documents that could/would/do make the Obama administration and himself look ridiculous for continuing operations that the Bush administration considered failures, (remember when McCain was gonna do that?) he's out speaking to the NAACP on voter ID laws. On face value this seems like a good thing to get behind. After all one fraudulent vote cast, or one vote not cast due to legislation on its head is in fact subversion of the vote, or as the like to call it in Chicago... Thursday.

No matter what way you look at this issue you have to realize that there is a good amount of give and take here. That's why there are provisions in the Texas bill, and in every other state (that I know of) that has a similar bill either pending or passed to give free state ID cards to those who cant afford them.

E-Money on the other hand thinks that its still to hard to get an ID and the law would be “harmful to minorities”. I can understand this because as a black democrat he can obviously only see  minorities as helpless beings who need himself, and messiah Obama to help them. Never mind that both of these men have risen about as high as you can get in America on their own, and both embody the American dream. Please forget that part.

I guess, in general, I'm going to have to summarize right now. Eric holder is a black man, sitting in one of the most powerful appointed offices in the country, working side by side with another black man who was duly elected, and his only argument against voter ID laws is minorities just cant do what we did. That makes absolute sense until you stop and think about it. This is just another example of marginalization from the left. For more examples click here

I don’t mean to be too heavy handed here, I know were supposed to be light hearted and humorous, but this is one thing that just really gets on my nerves. Liberals talk about soft racism all the time. I'm positive that they bring it up because they themselves practice it on a regular basis.

I can think of no better example than Eric Holder speaking to the NAACP about voter ID laws and how bad they are, yet at this same convention, you needed an ID to enter.

Oh irony, thy name is Holder

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