Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hello Saturday! I've looking for you all week, where have you been?

So Romney is really grumpy about the Obama campaign saying he could have committed a felony, and said that saying such a thing is "beneath the dignity" of Obama and company.

Considering all of the other things the Obama administration has said and done, is anything beneath their dignity? Do they have dignity? I mean, they do still have Biden.

Matthew Continetti at the Free Beacon has pointed out that Obama is having a really tough time drawing crowds and has been holding speeches at less than stellar locations around the country. A far cry from his big crowds during the 2008 election, Obama has done the whole 80s hair band life cycle in only four years, going from sold out stadiums and concert halls to doing gigs in hole-in-the-wall bars.


Obama pointed out, in case you missed it, that people who watch Fox News are stubborn, and believe the craziest things about him, which let him be clear, aren't true. Bitter clingers anyone?

Also, if you read conservative blogs, you are a racist.

And if you are a registered Republican, you are close-minded.

And if you support or are a part of the Tea Party, then you are a domestic terrorist.

I'm out of bullets...

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