Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The GOP Wants to Repeal ObamaTax. Then What? Asks the Left.

I just wanted to add a picture of Swedish Chef. Move along.

So CBS is crying about how the GOP wants to repeal ObamaTax™, but doesn't have an "alternative" plan. I dunno, maybe that's because an alternative is not needed. I mean, if you don't want to eat a steamed fish head, there is no real alternative to that. You just don't want to eat something that tastes like boiled death. ObamaTax™ is a lot like stinky, nasty, steamed fish heads. There isn't an alternative to it, you just tell the waiter to get it the heck off of your table, and go jump into a volcano for even bringing it to you.

Way back when Obama was running around the country making incoherent speeches about why idiots people should vote for him, he staked his whole campaign on the idea that tens of millions of Americans don't have health insurance. Not hundreds of millions. Not some significant number. Just some tens of millions. And it just so happens that a lot of those tens of millions also do not have jobs making more than minimum wage. For some reason, Obama thought that everyone else, which is like the vast majority of America, should ante up to make sure this small percentage of wastrels have health insurance. And from this horrible idea, ObamaTax™ was born.

Now that, like everyone, thinks ObamaTax™ is a horrible idea, much like a steamed fish head, the GOP is saying they will get rid of it. And all the leftyish mainstream media has to say about it is "Oh yeah? What's your alternative?". Bad ideas don't need an alternative, they just need to be done away with. And since the original problem was one that was manufactured by the left (really, was anyone thinking about healthcare for the bottom percent after the '08 crash?), it is not up to anyone to find an alternative "fix" to such a manufactured problem. 

Put simply, there is charity and there are programs for people who absolutely cannot work due to actual physical and mental disabilities. These people comprise something like 10% of those who live in poverty. The other 90% are either lazy beyond belief, or have been convinced through upbringing and government (or by themselves), that they are incapable of holding a decent job. So, there aren't any excuses for most of the remaining millions of people who can't afford health insurance...they just need to get a job. Well, at least that was the case back when there were jobs. Now the problem has nothing to do with healthcare or the desire to get a job, and everything to do with horrible economics. Or, Obamanomics.

I dunno. I look at my own life, and the lives of those in my family, and I don't see a problem. I didn't grow up rich...far from it; my dad was in the military. And my siblings and I didn't really get anything for free from our parents. We just did what we were supposed to do and got jobs. And through those jobs, we got health insurance. It seems simple enough. I highly doubt I got hired or retained any jobs because I am white. I think it had something to do with showing up to work on time, doing what I was told, and not being a complete and utter useless employee. And as many complete and utter worthless employees as I have seen held onto a job, even through the recession, I don't think that even matters.

The bottom line here is: there isn't a healthcare problem in the United States. Seriously. We have about the best healthcare in the world. Doctors from other countries come here to study and practice medicine, because we are on the forefront of it. I've had several family doctors over the years and TWO were from India. Indian doctors are also the ones with the best sense of humor by the way. I highly recommend getting one. 

I know "conservatives" like myself seem heartless to "liberals". There is a reason for that...we just don't care about people who screw themselves. That's it. We aren't heartless. A myriad of studies have shown that those on the right give to charity far far more than those on the left. We just don't believe in government as an answer to problems, and we don't believe that everything that the left says is a problem, actually is. The basic conservative is taught from childhood that each and every person is responsible for their actions. And when we see people who have been victimized by their own darned actions, we just cannot feel much compassion for them. It's that simple.

I'd like to point out that I was going to write about something else tonight, but then I read a lil blurb by Harvey on IMAO, and it redirected me towards this topic, because it really boils my bacon how the left is always making up problems and expecting those of us on the right to respond to them.

I'd also like to point out that Harvey is like my Obi Wan. My mentor, and my Sensei . I get at least 1% of my ideas from him. Probably more than that, but I like the number 1. Because of this, I have produced the following graphic:


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  2. Personal responsibility, is that a new concept...?

    1. No, but it is often lost on whiny hippies.