Monday, July 16, 2012

Guest Blogger: Obamacare Isn't a Tax Program

From the Gentleman Punk:

Obamacare Isn't A Tax Program!

That's right, Obamacare (or ObamaTax as Keln puts it) isn't a tax program... it's several taxes. Everything from tanning to elective surgery to doctor shopping are taxable programs under ObamaTax! Even the mandate Glorious Leader assured us was a penalty for non-compliance is not penalty, but a tax! Who is going to pay for it all? Well, no worries there citizen, this finely crated piece of legislation is meant to penalize the wealthy by taxing them, forget about the fact that the enforcement-as-tax mechanisms are weaker than a late stage tuberculosis patient (and don't you dare mention how it was free market research that got rid of tuberculosis in most of the world), the rich will be made to pay their fair share to insure the forty million without insurance.

No, comrade, it doesn't matter that the majority of that forty million are young adults who are the least frequent users of medical services, or that at least ten million more qualify for medicaid and/or medicare, the will of the people (yes it counts, even when the Democrats reinterpreted the limits of a legislative tool to force a vote and margin they wanted) has spoken and we will all sacrifice tax dollars for the greater good, even if doctor advocacy groups are saying they think ObamaTax might force them to accept fewer patients and spend less time with the patients they keep, or force pharmaceutical companies to cut their profit margin even further despite having lower margins than the automobile, air travel, or legal industries. Big Pharma should be glad we allow them to keep any of their bloody treasure instead of seizing their hoarded 1-3% industry average! No, my friends, we should all revel in this monumental achievement, and never again sully ourselves by saying it is a tax program!

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