Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guest Blogger: A Response to Blinking Iranians by The Gentleman Punk

Fellow blogger, The Gentleman Punk submitted a response to my blog post Blinking Iranians. You can check out his blog at The Gentleman Punk.

A Response To Blinking Iranians by The Gentleman Punk

While I agree with most of Keln's points, truly the man is a gentleman and a scholar, I have to disagree with his proposal that we use precision bombs, at least in so far as we use conventional weapons. I'm a technocrat as well as a cultural elitist and while terrorists are prone to using technology they can not manufacture to try and destroy their enemies we make a clear and undeniable statement when we push the destructive capabilities of science and technology. 

That is why I say we need to invest more in to NASA as well as DARPA. I have a dream, and it is a dream of orbital satellite systems carrying kinetic strike weapons and ionizing lasers. Thunder, lightning and earthquakes, ours to command, so we can make the dirty little  savages fear us more than the puny wrath of their heathen gods.

Yes, mine is a dream of a day when instead of praying to Mecca they pray to Washington in hopes of being spared our righteous fury, and George Washington's face is seen as the face of a wrathful, old testament god. Yes, I dream of a day when turban wearing jihadis sacrifice their louder and more aggressive compatriots to the Holy Ghosts of the CIA rather than face our command of elemental forces to express our wrath. Peace through superior firepower, for as Saint George of Virginia said, the best way to secure peace is by preparing for war!

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  1. Good stuff. Really the point of my post was to show what we could do, without actually causing casualties. To play a mind game, more or less. Using lasers or "rods from God" would also fulfill that purpose, so I am on board with it.

    As long as you can make smiley faces with lasers, that is.