Saturday, July 7, 2012

Reader Submission Mania!

So last month, I invited readers of this blog to start submitting stuff to get posted here, and maybe in a few cases to get chosen as a co-blogger at Nuking Politics. I announced again this infinitely open invitation a few weeks ago.

And in all of that time, I have received lots and lots of email from you guys sending me pictures, stories, essays, ideas, and all kinds of things, for which I am grateful. There's been so much, it has taken me a long time to get through it all, and it has become a daily thing to read stuff I get in my email.

I've posted a bunch of it so far, but as you can probably guess, there's been a lot that just hasn't made the cut. There are lots of reasons for that. Sometimes they just aren't well written, or aren't really funny, or are both well written and funny but don't fit on Nuking Politics. And many of you have either gotten a reply explaining that, or didn't get anything back at all (which was unintentional, but I know I have missed some people).

So, what did you guys do about it? Send me emails whining about how it isn't fair that you didn't get anything posted? Blame society, or the school system for your inability to write? Expect me to post it anyway just to help your self esteem?


You guys just sent me more stuff. You rolled up your sleeves, went to work, and showed what you can really do when motivated. I've got at least a dozen things just in the last couple of days that are ready to publish, and will be doing so over the next week.

So, if your stuff hasn't got published here, just keep sending me more. I will read it, and I will publish it if it's good. And if it isn't good, keep cracking at it. It's not like everything I write (far from it), or any blogger for that matter writes, is always good. The point is, if you've got something to say, say it, and let the chips fall where they may.

You only fail if you quit, and we aren't about quitting around here.

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