Sunday, July 15, 2012

throw away sunday

Its Sunday, why are you reading this and not outside enjoying Sunday?  Since you are here I feel obligated to write something.

uh...  ummmmmm... ok... mmmmmmmmmmmm... *taps feet, twittles fingers* Obama is bad?

Ok Ok Ok, that was easy, I should come up with something different...

Romney is the least worst choice for president, because at least we know he was born in America?  hey I'm not saying I'm a birther or anything.  far from it in fact.  I'm just saying no one has ever checked in to Hawaii's paperwork.  Maybe they messed something up.  one time I sent in my tax returns and I forgot to sign them.  It happens you know.  People make mistakes.  

For more information on mistakes consult the 2008 elections, and the prime time line up on MSNBC.

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