Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why Is Joe Lieberman Not a Republican?

Because he looks like Emperor Palpatine! Ahhh!

So old Joe is at it again.  And by "at it again", I mean sticking it to the Democrats. Technically, he is an "independent democrat". In reality, he is pretty conservative, and could qualify as a Republican. But he is Jewish, which means he is supposed to be a democrat for some reason. But he is hawkish, which makes him more of a Republican. And he ardently supports Israel, which is a Republican-leaning viewpoint. He ran with Al Gore, which makes him a Democrat. But he supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which makes him more of a Republican. But he supports abortion rights, which makes him a Democrat, but then he thinks the states should be able to choose whether or not abortion is legal.


What is it with this guy? He is hard to pin down. And what the deuce is an independent democrat? He constantly sides with Republicans in the Senate. He's not a fan of Obama and even supported McCain. He was even against ObamaTax™, and routinely is at odds with Harry Reid. So love him or hate him, why the deuce is he not a Republican? He has more conservative credentials than most RINOs. I'm looking at you, Scott Brown.

I mean, the left actually hates Joe Lieberman, and calls him a DINO, or DINOSAUR (Democrat in name only, sorry something something republican). 

 I mean, I'll be the first to say that I don't agree with Joe on everything. He does have some Democraty ideas he still clings to. But the important stuff, he seems to go all Republicany on. This is based on my limited ability for research, namely Wikipedia and Google. So if I am missing something here, please leave a comment on how I am wrong.

But it appears to me that Joe oughtta be a Republican. And considering he took over a Republican seat, I don't think it would be a big liability for him to switch parties. I mean, he already went all Independenty, so why not go the whole way? At least he would have more access to committees as a Republican. And he is all for killing terrorists and doesn't like what's not to like there?

I dunno, Lieberman confuses me. If you've got better insight on the guy, let me know in the comments section below.


  1. From BUBBA...
    The reason Lieberman isn't a Democrat is because he owes his allegiance to AIPAC.
    In addition, he holds dual citizenship with Israel, he is a CFR member, as well as a member of the TRI LATERAL COMMISSION.
    Lieberman in my view is a traitor to this country and his sworn oath to the constitution he is obligated to defend and protect from all enemies both foreign and domestic! Hope that shed some light on this clown. Good Day Sir!

    1. Interesting...I couldn't find a single piece of evidence citing that Joe Lieberman is a citizen of Israel. Care to back that statement up with some facts? All I could find were left-wing websites saying it as fact, but not giving a resource.

      And Wikipedia doesn't even mention it, which is odd. You would think if it were true it would be on there.

  2. I thought the reason Liberman wasn't a democrat is cuz he sucks so much even they don't want him around.

    I'm sorry I should be respectful

    he makes so many bad decisions in life even the dem's think he needs to take a step back and re-evaluate his life.

    1. When you compare him to the likes of Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charlie Rangel, and Barack Obama, your argument holds little water.

      Good day, sir!