Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In the News: 15 Minutes of Fame Edition

Really, I have to report on this story?  This is news?  Ugh, ok. 

It turns out that in an unprecedented move; someone in the art community (its art right?) doesn’t like it that Paul Ryan is using one of his songs.  Dee Snider, better known as the lead singer of the seminal hair metal band twisted sister, and guy who fought against Al Gore’s wife in the PMRC ain’t no fan of Ryan. 

Nukingpolitics.com reached out to Snider for comment, bringing up the fact that they played a rally for Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Snider had this to say.

“Yeah I remember that, the problem is I just need another 15 minutes.  Did you guys see how Tom Morello was trending on twitter after he wrote that Op Ed?  You know I have a really good chance to almost be relevant again after this.  My label called me and said our sales are up 1432%.  That’s almost 4 albums sold… 4”.

Stay with Nukingpolitics.com for updates as they come in.

Update:  really, there are going to be no more updates

(source Politico)

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