Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Leftists in the Neighborhood of Make Believe

Progressive Utopia

I am really starting to think that all of the left are still high from the 1960s. Or the 70s. Or 80s. Or whenever. They're all traipsing about in some kind of psychedelic haze where up is down and left is right and puppets really do talk by themselves. There are several reasons why I think this, besides the obvious moonbattery they normally display.

Firstly, they've gone and invited Jimmy Carter to speak at the DNC. Yes, you heard right, the Jimmy Carter. There can't be a single Democrat in this country that doesn't either remember first hand how awful Carter was as a president, or at least grew up listening to their parents complain about how awful he was. So it has to be drugs.

I mean, For most of my life time, Jimmy Carter was considered the worst U.S. President in history. I think he left office with about a 30% approval rating, which accounting for about 35% of the human population being dumber than a box of rocks, is pretty darned bad (ie. he lost 1 out of every 7 idiots). 

So here we are, in 2012, and the biggest debate amongst most Americans when it comes to presidents is who was worse: Carter or Obama? And so the left throws caution, sense, and sobriety to the wind and has Carter speak at the DNC which is nominating Obama. Shouldn't this rip space-time or something?

Secondly, the left has gone and made gay marriage a part of their official party platform. Yes, a hugely polarizing issue that only affects like 3-7% of the population, depending on the source. Does that make any political sense? That would be like Mitt Romney adding polygamy to his platform. All that sort of thing does is tee off would-be voters. Specifically stupid people who "haven't made up their minds yet". You know, "swing" voters.

I mean, I'm pretty sure that anyone who is really pro gay marriage as a major issue was on board with Obama before he even started campaigning. So why add it to your party platform and give idiot swing voters, who are clueless about anything else Obama has done, an opportunity to say "der, this guy is for gay marriage? I'm voting for that other guy then, Mitt Palin!"

You'd think the Democrats are well versed in dealing with stupid voters...since they form their base. But they are really dropping the ball on this one.

Thirdly, Harry Reid. Do I need to elaborate further? Ok, I will, only insofar as the left's response to his inane ramblings. Why do they go out of their way to defend his idiocy? Just because he is "one of theirs"? Come on! The left will stab each other in the back faster than two pirates fighting over the last cask of rum. Obama has thrown so many people "on his side" under the bus, he had to buy a new one from Canada just to campaign in.

Defending Reid doesn't help Obama. At all. Had they told people that Reid's claims were baseless and just cut the guy out of anything to do with the campaign, they would have looked like "the better man", and also protected their image. Instead, they let Reid keep rambling on about tax returns and other information that Romney is "holding back". 

What happen? People started asking Reid and his ilk for their tax returns. And other people started pointing out the hypocrisy of Obama and his not releasing more tax returns, school transcripts, birth certificate, etc. Backfire! Like just about every looney thing the left has done this election cycle. You know, like critisizing Romney for carrying a dog on his car, then people pointed out Obama ate a dog. 
What clowns are running this circus anyway? Clowns on drugs, that's who. They're called the Choom Gang.

Quaternarily, Obama's evening at the Improv moment when he went off-teleprompter and delivered his famous Marxist rant about how "you didn't build that". That wasn't the drug-induced part. That was him being sober and saying what he really thought. Years of socialist education coming to the fore.

But the drug-induced part was the response to the firestorm of criticism Obama and the left in general received from it. Of course, the liar-in-chief chose to lie and misdirect and spin it (what else could he do?). But he did so in the wrong direction. He said his words were taken out of context. Problem is, the entire context of his words is even worse than the simple "you didn't build that" part that everyone got upset about. He should have spun it the other way, like, "sorry, I got drunk and went off on a tangent, I didn't mean any of it". If he'd said that, there isn't much anyone could say except "the president got drunk!", and then after a couple days nobody would care.

But "you didn't build that" is now a whole meme. Every time the President or one of his leftist cronies opens their mouths, we are bombarded with idiocy. I've only known a few people like that in my life. A couple of them were simply complete morons...but complete morons don't get into positions of power, because everyone knows they are complete morons. The other people I knew who had a tendency for such craziness were stoners. Relatively normal when not high...completely insane when on the drugs. 

Obama Campaign and the left...definitely on drugs.

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