Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Thursday, August 16, 2012

• It seems I was a bit premature in calling out Romney's response to Biden's "y'all in chains" idiocy. I missed the line where he said "take your campaign of divison, and anger, and hate back to Chicago...".

That's way better than some crap about the dignity of the Presidency. Not as far as I would have gone, but still, it's a big improvement.

• Just checked...I do it from time to time...Obama is still a stuttering catastrophe of a miserable failure at this president thing. But his golf handicap has gotten better. And he has really improved his lie. I mean lies.

• Beep-deep-beep-deep-beep! Breaking News! Fresh of the presses! Israel says a war with Iran would be bloody.

Ya think? Especially for Iran. Israel has nukes, and Iran just has, like, almost nukes. Which isn't as good I am told.

They also say it would take a month. Why would that take a month? It takes like a few seconds to push a button, and, what, a few minutes to hit Iran? I don't understand why that takes a month.

• I'm kind of there an insurance policy specifically for murder-cancer? I mean, just in case Romney wins. I want him to win, but there is that hanging spectre of murder-cancer to contend with if he does.

I know...nobody has proven that Romney kills people with murder-cancer, but he hasn't disproved it. And that seems to be enough for the mainstream media, and they are professional journalists, so there has to be something to it, right?

Is murder-cancer covered under ObamaTax then?

• Some people in Canada are considering a boycott of Israel.

So..what exactly would it take to get the United States on that list of countries they want to boycott?

Seriously...I'm tired of seeing Ontario license plates all the time. This is our country...YOU Canajuns chose to live in the ded-gum Arctic, and side with them British Redcoats. Don't be coming down here sucking up our warm air what we fought and died for.

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