Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nothing To See Here, Move Along

So unless Keln already said something, (cuz I cant be arsed to read this blog) I am happy to announce that I am now a full time co-blogger. The shackles are off. Now its time to show everyone how much of a crazy socialist I really am. I was just kidding with all that right wing propaganda.

I'm sorry, that was a really bad joke.

Honestly its funny because I hit super writers block this week. So far everything I wrote up til yesterday was all done by last Thursday. I haven't written anything since, well last Thursday.

I'm doing one of those random thoughts things right now because they happen to be popular. Maybe I'll do this more regularly to cap off the night. You know, cuz they're also easy.

I think I've hit a funny-drought right now. I hope it passes, but you know, most people are wondering when I was funny to begin with. So I guess anything else is just icing on the cake.

Honestly between my full time job. My small business The Harmelody network, and being turned down by girls, I'm trying to figure out when I'm going to have time to write jokes about Joe Biden.

As you may have guessed, this is kind of a “phoning it in” type post. I don't care though, it counts as a page view when you read this.

In yesterday's post I referred to one of the Characters by the name of Mohamed Mohamed. First and last name. I was wondering if anyone was going to think I was racist for doing that. The funny thing is #1 no one reads my posts so I don't know why I was worried, and #2 I've known 3 people by that name.

Oh yeah, they were all from Muslim families.

I want to start using the slang term “whack” more. You know bring it back. It would be really easy. I'll use it in a sentence.

Hey, did you hear what Joe Biden said”? “It was whack yo”!

There is now craft brewing going on at the White House. Finally something Obama and I can agree on. Lawnmower beer sucks.

That will probably be the last thing we agree on. You know unless I get a hankerin' for some dog.

I was just thinking, as a decent conservative, Keln just outsourced a bunch of responsibility to me. I think it's now my duty to outsource my responsibilities to India.

I was thinking about the metric system today. To be perfectly honest with you I love science. I read about it all the time, but the metric system really scares me.

I have friends who really want us to change to it. I don't by the way. I like to think of it like how the American League has the designated hitter rule, but the National League doesn't.

I'm just waiting for Inter-league science to start up. 


  1. I never really got the arguments around the metric system versus the English system. Why do we have to choose one or the other? Why don't we just create a mega-awesome-bacon filled American System. I bet Paul Ryan could do it, although it might upset the Liberals, because you know, it would involve math which really isn't their strong suit.

  2. all I know is if bacon is involved... I'm in.

  3. America switching to the metric system - that's the last thing to happen before the one world government. Just warning ya.

  4. I always thought the last thing to happen before a one world government would be a lot of voting for the perfect leader.

    sure he would be crushing us under his boot, but we get to choose the boot.