Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

• Biden say: If you vote Republican, they put you in chains. And I cry.

• So, Romney again went all out on the offensive and said that the "put you back in chains" thing is a "disgrace to the office of the Presidency".

You tell 'em Mitt!

Honestly, a 3rd grader could have come up with something better than that. I mean, I am all behind Romney, but he has got to get better at attacking people when they do and say stupid things.

Romney's responses to Obama and Biden gaffes are like being setup for a spike in volleyball, and then spiking the ball into the net. In other words...doesn't score any points.

• Chrissy Tingle says that Paul Ryan could be "worse than Dan Quayle".

Ignoring the fact that Chris Matthews, Mr. Thrill Up My Leg For Obama, said it, let's consider what "worse than Dan Quayle" means.

The only thing I remember the left being able to criticize Quayle for was spelling potato with an "e" at the archaic, although proper spelling. If you are Shakespeare or something.

So, worse than that would be...???

Spelling "Obama" as "Unemployed"?

I'll take that.

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